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Re: Ghostbusters Comic Book

Thread resurrection! I don't know if anyone is still reading IDW's Ghostbusters, but I did pick up New Ghostbusters #1 yesterday and really enjoyed it. This kind of felt like "Extreme Ghostbusters" but a better version of it. Basically what happens is that the guys are all abducted by ghost versions of themselves and dumped into some kind of extradimensional plain. Meanwhile Janine is forced to recruit and train replacements, which include herself as the "leader" and an FBI Agent named Melanie Ortiz whom I'm assuming is from Burnham's earlier run. She's friends...and I guess a potential romantic interest for Peter? Kylie Griffin who runs Ray's Occult bookstore and is a paranormal expert, and finally Ray Alexander who stole schematics and built his own proton packs and started up his own service until it went bad.

Walter Peck sees this as a chance to franchise these mostly female Ghostbusters and becomes their lisason to city hall. The deal is the only way they can remain active...Peck also knows the containment unit has a biometric security access that only the senior staff can use, so there is no way it can be shut down without them. All the girls want to do is find the guys, but the city wants them to continue to protect it.

There are a whole bunch of little easter egg details. The Viggo painting is shown, so is Peter's diploma from Columbia University. His name tag on his desk as usual. Jainine wears Egon's uniform, Ortiz wears Peter's, and Kylie wears Ray's. Nice start...I'll be following this.
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