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Re: February/March challenge - Independence

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I'm assuming that "original or canon characters, alternate universes, short story or lengthy saga, it's up to you" still means "set in some recognizably Star Trek setting", heh.
Well, more or less. I understand what you're saying but I do think there's a lot of leeway. Vast corners of the Trekverse are quite unexplored. I think that e.g. both entries for last month, while taking place in the Trekverse, could also easily stand as original works with a few changes.
Fair point! And as you say, the January stories (which were both very well done, by the way! Kudos to you and Cobalt Frost) essentially did this; Cobalt's especially since it was about a completely original race without even a mention of any established Trek lore, but yours as well if you simply changed "Romulan" and "Reman" to something else. So that's definitely something to ponder as I think about what I might try to write...
Anyway, I hope you'll enter something. I enjoyed your last story.

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