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Re: Combat at warp speed

Well, since we have multiple examples of starships fighting each other at warp, we pretty much have to assume that they can. Now, I don't really know how subspace works, frankly neither do you, since it doesn't exist, so let's speculate.

I think we need to keep in mind that starships travelling at warp aren't really moving in the conventional sense, but rather warping the space around them. Warp Factors aren't really speeds as much as they are measurements of how much starship are warping the space around them them. Although a difference between warp 8.60 and 8.63 might equate to a difference of millions of kilometres in normal space, a starship travelling 8.63 is only warping space marginally more than a starship travelling 8.60 relative to each other.

I wrote paragraph or two of elaboration, but it's 2am here and it was making my head hurt, so instead we'll just pretend that every weapons station on every ship in every fleet in the galaxy is manned by Q...or Gandalf...

Also, it's usually best to chuck the whole "backwards in time" causality stuff when dealing with warp speed...that's half the reason the writer's invented warp drive to begin with...
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