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Re: The 11-foot TOS Enterprise model-

Ok, and so here's where I come in.
Hi everybody! My name is John Cooley and I'm the founder of The Enterprise Restoration Project.
Back on September 8th 2011 I was talking to Mike Okuda about the condition of the model and what happened during Ed's restoration. That night we discussed everything that needed to be done, and who precisely would need to do it. He asked who I would bring in to a project like this and I went away thinking about just what the next step would be. The next morning I called Steve Neill and laid the plans for The ERP. So far the ERP is a private group that has among its members people like Doug Drexler, Steve Neill, John Eaves, Ron Moore, James Cawley and about 30 others.

Our goal is to self fund (through donations and hopefully a single donor) a private restoration carried out ONLY by people who have worked directly for the STAR TREK art department.

The blurb on our Facebook Group masthead reads:
THE ENTERPRISE RESTORATION PROJECT is a group of lifelong STAR TREK production professionals and fans dedicated to the complete restoration of the original eleven foot model of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE as seen in STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES currently on display in The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.

And so our goal is to see her restored physicaly (as she was never meant to sit under her own weight for so long, but was intended only to be assembled for filming and then disassembled and stored), and is now showing signs of cracking under her own weight. We want to correct some of the damage done durring the last restoration (like Ed taking a scribe to the underside of the saucer to scribe the grid lines into the plastic of the hull). We also want to fix/upgrade the lighing system, and of course correct the current paint deco. The hope is that our project will be compleated in time for the 50th anniversary of STAR TREK on September 8th 2016.

There are of course other plans that for now are only discussed among the members of the group, but when we're ready, I'll launch a public Facebook Page, a website, and you'll know more about the project and who'll be leading our physical restoration team.


p.s. Mike reached out to some friends at NASM reguarding the model and at his request they opened the case and inspected the model and found some of the damage that was concerning us. It's been added to a list of artifacts for curation, but that it's at the bottom of a very long list and not much of a prioity for the Smithsonian. If we want this done right, it'll have to be funded and carried out by us.

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