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Re: Voyager for people who hate voyager

Code of Honor does have cheese going for it. It's the equivalent of mac & cheese or a grilled cheese for the eyes & ears. Give me a cheesy episode over a bad one any day. Move Along Home is a nice, cheesy episode. I do wish the Wadi were used again especially vis-a-vis DS9's crew trying to learn more about the Dominion. Or maybe they're protected because they send the Jem 'Hadar into a real game of life or death and they lose every time. I'd imagine a race genetically engineered to be soldiers wouldn't be good at games. It's a lopsided 'battle'field.

Move Along Home is soooo much better than Progress. You can pretty much get to the moment Kira beams down and just skip forward to the last moment. Saves the hassle of sitting through what is the slowest episode in Star Trek history.
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