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The conversation in tonight's episode between Watson and Holmes in Bell's apartment makes it clear that there is a Holmes father with the power of the purse. Not a lawyer, not a codename.
That's true, only if Holmes junior isn't lying, which is the argument that i was making, that he is lying. Besides the Therapist said that Holmes is so smart and deductive that he should have known her game almost immediately... But we're supposed to believe that almost a month went by and the worlds greatest detective only figured out that he was being played for a fool because his father told him the truth?

Even if we meet the father, it could still be an actor... Just like last time almost.

There is a fun murder mystery show called Death in Paradise airing in England right now where a murderer was caught because she was supposed to alibi out her accomplice by cellphoning him while the murder was happening, but because she knew that her compatriot was busy murdering her husband, she didn't bother making the call which should have proved both their innocence, and just said that she had to the police when they were making her timeline, which is what stitched her up after the cops checked her cell phone records.

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