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Re: 3-D Anniversary Special

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Then just go to the movies less. I used to go weekly, but it's gotten so expensive that I only go a few times a year now. If you genuinely don't like 3D, then spend your money on something you like better. And you don't have to wait long for a new movie to come out on home video, either.
I love movies. I love the cinema experience. Why should I stop going because of 3D? I'm just pissy that I don't have the choice to watch the film in 2D. Why should people who get motion sick or who wear glasses and find 3D difficult be forced to stay at home because they can no longer access that.
Because the home experience is now just as good, you don't have to wait very long, it's a helluva lot cheaper, and the movie theaters aren't giving you what you want.
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