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Re: "Encounter at Farpoint" Line-by-Line

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D is seen for the very first time.

Captain's Log, Stardate 41153.7. Our destination is planet Deneb IV, beyond which lies the great unexplored mass of the galaxy.

Picard stares into space from the Observation lounge.

My orders are to examine Farpoint, a starbase built there by the inhabitants of that world. Meanwhile, I am getting better acquainted with my new command, this Galaxy-Class USS Enterprise.

Picard walks through Engineering and rides the lift near the Warp Core.

I am still somewhat in awe of its size and complexity. As for my crew, we are short in several key positions, most notably, a First Officer, but I am informed that a highly experienced man, one Commander William Riker, will be waiting to join the ship at our Deneb IV destination.

Picard enters the Bridge and walks down to Data at his station, which will move during the next couple of episodes.

Picard: You will agree Data that Starfleets orders are difficult?
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