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There is always a choice. Many martyrs have died for their beliefs... and the Catholic Church calls them Saints. Ratzinger took the easy way out. This makes him a coward.
So you would prefer that not only he, but his whole family, had been executed as traitors to the state? Because that's what the Nazis did.

It is not our place to expect anyone to die. We have no right. This includes Ratzinger and anyone else who was conscripted against their will.
The Catholic Church considers the Pope a perfect successor to Saint Peter... infallible. A perfect person, even a Saint, should be willing to die for the cause of Christ. Ratzinger did NOT do that. By Catholic Church criteria, Ratzinger did not live up to their own standards. [This point has nothing to do with the separate issue of hiding pedophile priests from prosecution. On that count, Ratzinger won't be meeting St. Peter at the gate. Rather, he'll be heading in another direction.]
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