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Here's some new for the growing list of Blender users here. Since the day that The Blender Foundation raised enough money to opensource Blender people have have wanted the edit tools updated. It was decided that the UI needed updating and some of the core needed to be refactored inorder to make code maintenance and extension easier to manage. Well that's been finished for awhile now and in addition to the constant enhancements in all other areas of Blender we are now seeing the first steps of the edit refactoring.

The testbuilds area of today saw a build with the first of these enhancements. Namely true edge selection (the old edge selection still selected at the vertex level and selecting say three edges of a polygon was not possible in a true sence because it ended up select the whole face), edit mode face selection (face selection was there but was a UV mapping tool and quite useless for editing), and Ngons (although the coders are calling them Fgons).

This sets the stage for alot of new features that hopefully will be ready for the late October (official) release.

The new booleans may or may not make it for October but the Python script is out there. Not the fastest thing in the world but when it get's ported to C and incorporated into Blender's edit tools that will change.

So be on the lookout for the new edit tools as well as soft body support, and a much needed reworking of how the animation system works. Some of these I'm sure are longer range but the new edit stuff should now continue coming fast and furious.
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