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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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I haven't read that one, but I do have and have read the next one, Ask a Policeman. In that one, there's a mystery at the outset, and the writers then swap detectives so Anthony Berkley writers a Lord Peter Wimsey story, Helen Simpson writes a Mrs. Bradley story, etc., that solves the mystery. It's a fun book.
After finishing The Floating Admiral, I'm game to pick up that one some time. Unfortunately the only one of the detectives I'm really familiar with is Lord Peter Wimsey, which might make the book less enjoyable. Or does it?
At the time I read Ask a Policeman, the only detective in the book I was familiar with was Wimsey. I don't think the lack of knowledge on my part made it difficult to understand.

The way I remember it (and it's been about fifteen years since I last read it), AaP has an opening act of about a quarter of the book where the mystery is set up. Then there are four short stories by members of the Detection Club where they swap detectives and have them offer solutions to the mystery. Then there's an epilogue where we find out the real solution to the mystery.
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