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Re: FAULTY - the two worst TOS remastering mistakes

Actually, the lighting issue is very secondary to me. One of my biggest beefs about TOS-R is that they took some of the best starship images and botched them.

My all-time favorite angle of the TOS Enterprise was what some fans call "aft"; I call it "fantail perspective". (Here is a TAS equivalent of this angle; the live-action model shot was first used in the second half of Year 2, if memory serves.) With the exception of "The Immunity Syndrome", this "fantail perspective" angle and the related "banking" motion shot were largely eliminated from TOS-R. I was very disappointed because I love these particular images so much.

Also: despite some legitimate criticism of the famous "four starships approaching" image from the TOS footage of "The Ultimate Computer" seemed to result in the imagery being completely changed in the TOS-R version. I know that the original image showed essentially four copies of the Enterprise grafted into the same frame, even down to their running lights strobing in sync, and it looked cheesy. I get that. But the only thing that really needed changed with those strobing lights. Everything else about the original image looked great. The new TOS-R image looked completely different. Whereas the original multi-ship image made it look like the task force was approaching at warp speed, (very striking) the TOS-R animation looked like almost a dockyard close-in maneuver. This was even more disappointing.

Overall, despite my criticisms of TOS-R, I still like the higher-definition footage. Many TOS-R images of the Enterprise, especially those of the ship in planetary orbit, are a great improvement.

(We have to keep in mind that that TOS, by its very nature, avoided the typical sci fi heavy reliance on special effects. So in TOS we have an early sci fi TV pioneer which, relatively speaking, has few visual effects. So the TOS-R footage still wins praise because of the visibly improved non-effects live-action images.)
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