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Re: Is Primeval New World worth watching?

Before the show started, they accidentally screwed with recent history, splitting the timeline since 2006.

"Hence New World"

Connor Showed up in the pilot.

It's unclear if he represented the ARC, or if the ARC had been "removed from play" retroactively because of what the Canadians have been getting up to with time since 2006, ipsofacto that this Connor might be a refugee from another timeline which we are familiar with, or if it's a just different enough new Connor and a just different enough new ARC that none of the adventures we ever saw happen up to and including the "Anomaly convergence" which because it did happen in another timeline, that it doesn't have to happen again in the new 2010 which was 2( or 3?) years ago, did happen.

The cute cybergirl did a google search for the ARC last week, and all she found were some vague references on British conspiracy blog...Which is exactly all you would find if the ARC was up and running at full steam.
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