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Re: New "Star Wars" comic set between ANH and TESB

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Well gents, spills some beans. What's the story about and who is in it?
It features the ANH cast in the days following the Battle of Yavin. The rebels are searching for a new location for their base, but the Empire seems to always be one step ahead of them at every location that they scout.

Mon Mothma realizes that there is a spy inside of the Alliance, and she authorizes Leia to form a secret X-Wing squadron, including Luke and Wedge Antilles, outside of the chain of command with a two-fold mission: ferret out the spy and find a new base.

Meanwhile, Han and Chewie on on a mission of their own to Coruscant, while being tracked by Slave One.

On the Imperial side of the coin, Palpatine, as punishment for losing the Death Star, has relieved Vader of command of his Star Destroyer and replaced him with an ambitious new officer, who I image isn't long for this world.
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