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The only "operative" of Section 31 that we know of is Sloane. The other two "operatives" that were seen were in the holodeck with Sloane when Bashir penetrated the ruse. They could have been fictional, too, to put Bashir off of attacking Sloane.
Nope. Agents of Section 31 appeared in the ENT episodes "Affliction," "Divergence," and "Terra Prime," set over 200 years before DSN. Just as Sloan said in "Inquisition" about Section 31 being centuries old.
As I recall, those episodes never used the name Section 31. And why should we think that an Earth organization from the 22nd century is the same as the "agency" that "Luther Sloane" claimed to work for in the 24th century?

Meanwhile, there's also Julian and O'Brien literally entering and reading Sloan's mind, and finding his knowledge about Section 31's operations on various worlds in the episode "Extreme Measures." They literally read his mind and saw that Section 31 exists.
Why should anything in Sloane's mind be considered trustworthy? Was there any independent verification of the "facts" gleaned from Sloane's mind, other than the cure for Odo's disease?

Section 31 is a genuine criminal conspiracy, a cabal within the Federation government.
Absolutely. But probably a criminal conspiracy of one.
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