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Re: Spielberg, Hanks and HBO's grudge against the Navy persists...

As it happens I came up with a WWI story for a game of Hollywood Mogul that I was playing in some years ago. It was done as a trilogy detailing the story of the war from the viewpoint of a single family.

Was it any good? You tell me.

The Great War Trilogy

The Great War: Darkening Skies

Plot: 1914 Ė Britain, as the Great War begins the Armstrongs are drawn into the conflict. Thomas is the Naval Lieutenant, already a skilled professional at 27, Gunnery officer of the battlecruiser HMS Inflexible. Phillip is the tough as nails hell-raiser who enlists in the Army as a Lieutenant of infantry. George, just out of University, is the bon vivant who joins the Royal Flying Corps. Anne is the nurse pledged to ease the suffering of the warís victims. And Richard is the one-eyed former Brigadier re-called to a position with the General Staff.

As autumn turns to winter and winter to spring it becomes apparent to all that this war will be unlike any other in both scope and carnage. While Thomas chases the elusive Graf von Spee and Germanyís crack East Asia Cruiser Squadron across half the world, his father, Richard, settles into his post in London. But Richardís strategies are of a different age and ill suited to this new kind of warfare. In Hampshire, Anne sees the bloody harvest of battle as hundreds wounded in the desperate battles against the Huns in France are given over to her care.

As the Allied Powers fall back before the German advance it is the heroism of Phillip and his men that helps stem the tide of German grays rushing headlong toward them, while in his Yank built Curtiss NC-4 flying boat George hunts the elusive U-boats in the Irish Sea that threaten to starve England into submission. Finally catching and destroying the German Squadron after months at sea Thomas expects a return to home waters but HMS Inflexible is diverted to provide supporting fire for the campaign at Gallipoli, where Phillip is fighting for his life against determined Turkish infantry, whose German machine guns turn the beaches, hills and cliffs of Turkey into bloody killing fields that consume men by the thousands.

The five Armstrongs are held together by the bonds of family and a tradition of service that goes back over a thousand years. But will even that sustain them through the firestorm that rages across the globe?

The Great War: The Storm Breaks

Plot: 1916 Ė Europe, as the war continues the Armstrongs find themselves once more thrust into the forefront of the conflict. After the carnage that was the Gallipoli campaign Commander Thomas Armstrong and Captain Phillip Armstrong are hoping for some rest in England only to be thrown into two of the biggest battles of the war.

Thomas is now Inflexibleís first officer as she joins the Grand Fleet in the sortie that may well decide the war at sea Ė the Battle of Jutland. In France Phillipís company is deployed to the front lines once more for the Somme, a campaign that will forever scar the English psyche.

Lieutenant George Armstrong is assigned to a fighter squadron but finds the novelty of aerial combat wears off quickly under German fire as he battles the ďFokker ScourgeĒ in a do-or-die campaign in the skies over France, and romance finds Anne in the form of a young Belgian officer wounded in the fighting in Flanders.

Meanwhile in London Major General Richard Armstrong, one of the major planners of the Somme campaign, is faced with a decision that is almost certain to send one of his sons to his grave. But at first Phillip Armstrong seems invulnerable, standing unscathed as all about him German machine guns and artillery turn the ground red with English blood.

Finally after weeks of brutal carnage the advance grinds to a halt and Phillipís charmed life comes to a bloody end, sending shockwaves through the Armstrongs that threaten to tear them apart.

The Great War: Final Thunder

Plot: 1918 Ė Europe, as the war reaches its climax the Armstrongs, still bleeding after the loss of Phillip, must soldier on for the freedom of England. For it is now, at the end, that those in the strongest positions will be able to decide the terms of the peace.

Determined to share the danger alongside the men he commands Richard Armstrong, now a Lieutenant General, leads his divisions in a last ditch attempt to capture a key piece of ground in the Ardennes. In England Anne and Major Rene Peugot are wed but as the last push begins their happiness may be short-lived. When Reneís battalion is attached to her fatherís command Anne cannot help but to recall Phillipís death a year earlier.

In the air Captain George Armstrongís daring has made him a legend but as the best of the Kaiserís Air Corps battles to stem the Allied assault he learns that even legends can die when he is shot down, barely surviving a crash behind the Hun lines and is thrown into a POW camp.

At sea Captain Sir Thomas Armstrongís cruiser may be all that stands between glorious victory and ignominious defeat as the German High Seas Fleet makes one final sortie and only HMS Defiant is in a position to spread the alarm. But first she must fight her way free of a squadron of fast destroyers that dog her heels. Turning on them, Thomas attacks, gambling that Defiantís armor will protect her from the lighter caliber guns of the destroyers while his powerful batteries of 8-inchers sends them to the bottom. The gamble works and Defiant reaches England with mostly superficial damage, alerting the fleet in time to sortie and meet the Germans.

Meanwhile in the Ardennes, when Richardís offensive bogs down in the dense woods he strips his divisions of their armor, which he forms into fast cavalry-like troops and sends around the flanks of the German resistance, freeing George from his prison camp in the process. But even as his strategy is proving itís worth, his armor is dangerously over-extended and when the Germanís mount a counter-attack Richard and his headquarters unit are cut off and surrounded. Richard orders George to fly a wounded Rene out in a captured Fokker D.VII while he and his armored units try to break through the German cordon and re-join his infantry divisions.

Leading from his un-armored touring car, Richardís tanks thrust into the German lines forcing a breach. But when a battery of artillery opens up on the tanks with armor-piercing shells he realizes that the slow-moving Mk. Vís will never make it. In a suicide charge he sends his car hurtling across open ground to smash into the center of the Hun artillery, silencing the guns and allowing the armor to complete itís breakthrough.

In the air George flies directly to Anneís hospital but even as it comes within sight he is set upon by four German fighters. From the ground Anne sees the plane bearing her husband and youngest brother climb back into the clouds hotly pursued by three fighters while the fourth circles ominously below. She cries out in anguish as she realizes that she is about to watch two of the people she loves be killed before her eyes.

But though machine gun fire rips through the fabric of his plane, George Armstrong focuses as he has never done so before. He and the Fokker become welded into a single machine that climbs, dives and slashes through the clouds. Below Anne counts one, two, three DR. Iís as they fall, broken, through the clouds. But as George tries once more to land, the remaining triplane jumps onto his tail, firing burst after burst from his guns. As Rene is hit, George puts the plane into a steep dive with the German following close behind. At the last second he pulls up, but the pursuing DR. Iís weak 110 hp engine is unable to pull out of the dive and it slams into the French soil as the plane explodes in a ball of fire.

A month later, after laying flowers on Richard and Phillipís graves, Thomas, George and Anne visit Rene at a convalescent hospital outside Paris. Suddenly, one after the other, the church bells begin to ring all around them. When Rene asks what has happened they tell him that the Armistice has been signed, the Great War is finally over.
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