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Re: Do you think the Enterprise D was going to be renamed anyway?

I know the real life explanation is obviously that they're not going to change the cast just 'cause the 1701-D got lanced, but it just always bugged me that nearly all of Picard's command staff (and most of the rest of the crew, judging by how Barclay and Ogawa popped up in "First Contact") simply got transplanted to another ship. It just seems too... convenient, somewhow. Worf moving over to DS9 felt more realistic, the kind of thing I'd assume would happen. You'd think TPTB at Starfleet would take the opportunity to at least push a few more of their up-and-comers into prominent staff roles, as well as finally telling Riker to sod off and go Captain another ship.

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I'd always believed that the Sovereign class that became the Ent-E was nearing completion when the Ent-D bought it and Starfleet re/named it to continue the tradition. In regards to the refit the Ent-D had received prior to Generations, I assumed it was due to the seriousness of the Dominion threat after the Odyssey was so easily destroyed.
I can really buy into that explanation. After this and Wolf359, I could see them deciding they weren't going to take any chances this time, and just authorised a full upgrade of the entire fleet.
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