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Re: TOS movie era Novels?

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Through the years, I have read all of the TOS comics printed since TVH came out. Of those, DC Comics volume 2 has always held a special place for me. It felt like a comic book equivalent of the TV series for the 3rd set of missions and seemed to cover all of the major developments that took place between TFF/TUC, such as Sulu getting his own command and Valeris coming on board.
Actually DC's version of Sulu's first command has been contradicted by the much later novel Excelsior: Forged in Fire. As for the Valeris story, it doesn't quite mesh with TUC itself, since in the movie, Spock was Valeris's Academy sponsor and Kirk hadn't met her before, neither of which is true in the comic. Don't get me wrong, the comic is a very good story, but a couple of continuity errors slipped past the radar.

They had a similar feel to DC Vol.2 in that they filled in for the 2nd 5YM and subsequent gap and also hit major moments like the origin of Saavik (Pandora Principle) and the end of the 2nd 5YM (Deep Domain).
Ah, yes, the origin of Saavik is another instance where Pocket and DC took incompatible approaches.

So after about 20 years away from the novels I thought it would probably be fun to do an TOS marathon. But before I start I wanted to have it figured out ahead of time.

For the first 5YM I would include

1. The TOS And TAS shows
2. D.C. Fontana's Vulcan Glory and Enterprise Experiment (IDW).

For the 2nd 5YM and Pre-TWOK Era I would use

1. Ex Machina (which I haven't read but have heard is incredible) for the first adventure,
2. Diane Duane's Novels
3. A.C.Crispin's novels
4. Howard Weinstein's Deep Fomain for the final mission along with the Covenant of the Crown and the Better Man.
5. Pandora's Principle as Saavik's origin and M.W.Bonanno's Unspoken Truth follow-up.

For the 3rd set of missions I would use

1. DC Comics Volume 2 and all of its associated annuals, specials, graphic novels and Modalla Imperative.

Also I would use any other TOS stories written by major writers because they would probably not contradict their other works but add to them. These would include

1. Howard Weinstein's Official Record
2. Peter David's The Rift.
3. A.C. Crispin's Sarek and its sequel Enter the Wolves (Wildstorm)
4. Mere Anarchy (Weinstein and Bennett connected)
5. Bennett's As Others See Us
6. Bonanno's Dwellers in the Crucible, Strangers in the Sky and Music of the Spheres
7. Stories by DC Comics Vol.2 that happen at other points of time.

So what does everyone think, would this create any major continuity problems both internally and taken with the later shows ? (TNG, DS9, etc.) Does Saavik's story stay consistent. Would there be any other problems I'm not thinking of?[/quote]

There are some differences of detail between The Pandora Principle and Unspoken Truth where Saavik's backstory is concerned, though they use the same broad strokes. Pretty much every prose/comics version of Saavik's past uses the basics of what Vonda McIntyre established in her TWOK novelization, but there are differences in the specifics. And there are a number of other cases where you'd run into continuity discrepancies in those books, particularly between books from the '80s and those from the '00s. But it's probably best just to read them and decide for yourself how well they fit together. An inconsistency that may be unresolvable for one reader may be easy to accept for another.
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