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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

I guessed as much that there'd be no series 8 this year. Really, what I want to see some time soon is a huge dalek arc. The closest Smith's ever got to doing a real Dalek storyline is in Asylam of the Daleks which to me was a huge disapointment. We've not got a decent Dalek story since the end of Tennants era, and as for cybermen, not a full on story since way back in series two, although they did have a pretey good episode at the end of Tennents era. Still not really a good arc though. As for Sontarans, they've not been done properly since the end of Tennants era either. Now we know that we're getting Cybermen at the end of series seven, so next series I'd love to see daleks and sontarans done properly.
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