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Re: Seven Of Nine Was AWESOME!!!

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Spock, Data, Seven, and T'Pol were the smart-n-serious outsiders who gave us social commentary ("you humans...") and quick mental calculations. You can't have a proper space mission without that.

Of the four, and I loved them all, I got the most pure pleasure from Seven of Nine. She could be utterly cold and analytical, but also had vulnerability and desires. The character grew as her humanity re-asserted itself. She got tutoring in social skills from a hologram-- that fell in love with her.

She looked like a million bucks, sang like an angel, and was rude to the Klingon. She was probably the best single character in the history of STAR TREK.
I agree... and I too loved all 4 of these outsiders. I suspect part of the reason was that, as Seven herself said to Janeway... "she" was a work in progress. The others were, for all intents and purposes, grownups who already were "formed" when we met them, even if their friends/crews had to "tweak them" a little.

Seven was tweaked quite alot.

Kes, even though she was "growing up" on Voyager, seemed more adult than our Dear Miss Seven of Nine.

Absolutely loved this entire scene from season 7's Imperfection... It and the one in Engineering with "big sister" B'Elanna are among my series favs.

SEVEN: Every person on this list died under your command. You accepted their deaths, but I don't believe you'll accept mine.
JANEWAY: That's presumptuous.
SEVEN: I'm not being egotistical. On the contrary, I'm trying to make a point.
JANEWAY: Which is?
SEVEN: All of these crew members came to Voyager with unique personalities, but I've required your constant assistance to develop my individuality.
JANEWAY: And you've come a long way.
SEVEN: But not far enough. I've disappointed you. You feel your task is incomplete. That's why my death will be difficult for you to accept.
JANEWAY: Is that what you think? That you haven't lived up to my expectations?
SEVEN: Clearly I haven't but I want you to know that the failure has been mine, not yours.
JANEWAY: You haven't failed, Seven. You've exceeded my expectations. You've become an individual, an extraordinary individual. If I'm having trouble accepting your condition it's only because I don't want to lose a friend.

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