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Re: Do you have a fav scene?

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When Quinn explains the nature of the Q Continuum in Death Wish.
Is it this one, Bill?

I really liked Deathwish... especially the humor they managed to sprinkle throughout such a serious subject.

Q: What is this, a ship of the Valkries?

Q: May I see you in your chambers, Captain?
JANEWAY: You've been in my chambers enough for one visit, sir.

But the best might have been when they mixed the seriousness with the humor at the end.

TUVOK: You assisted his suicide?
Q: Illogical, Tuvok? 1 don't think so. By demanding to end his life, he taught me a little something about my own. He was right when he said the Continuum scared me back in line. I didn't have his courage or his convictions. He called me irrepressible. This was a man who was truly irrepressible. I only hope I make a worthy student.
JANEWAY: I imagine the Continuum won't be very happy with you, Q.
Q: I certainly hope not. Au revoir, Madam Captain. We will meet again.
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