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Re: Do you have a fav scene?

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Captain, I shrunk the Doctor?

God, I love that scene. Mulgrew does "tired" and "perturbed" so very well, doesn't she?

I love that whole ep, unfortunately not enough clips of "Persistence of vision" are found on Youtube.

For instance, I love the quiet ending, between Janeway and Torres.

TORRES: I'm surprised to see you here, Captain. Isn't this the day that you're usually in the holodeck with your novel?
JANEWAY: I thought, after our recent experience, that I'd take a break from fantasy for a while. (Does she stay away until Fairhaven?)
TORRES: I don't blame you. I think it had quite an impact on all of us. Do you think it's true? That the alien was reading our minds, creating images from our own experiences?
JANEWAY: It seemed that way. He had uncanny ability to bring buried thoughts out into the open. Why?
TORRES: Oh, it's just, I experienced something I'd rather not admit.
JANEWAY: I know. Me too. But, in a way, maybe he did us all a favour. Maybe it's better to look those feelings in the eye than to keep them locked up inside.
TORRES: (Who's dealing with the aftermath of a very erotic dream where Chakotay has a starring role...) I guess. I'll have to think about that. I have an early watch tomorrow, so I'd better turn in. Good night, Captain.
JANEWAY: Good night, B'Elanna. Sweet dreams.
TORRES: Thanks. You too.

Loved the fight with the holographic housekeeper, seen in this part of the clip.

Alas, it doesn't show us Janeway's nearly orgasmic response to her coffee icecream, nor her mimicking the crucifixtion in the doorway, after searching her quarters. (Love that backlit moment)

Since I couldn't find the clip I wanted, of Janeway telling Seven, "Sweet dreams" at the end of "Dark Frontier", I waded through this compliation of 20 min of great scenes. (LOVED the first EMH/Neelix/Kes scene = Voyage of the damned) Although the one I marked "here" doesn't "look" light hearted in its beginning, it makes up for it quickly.

It has my fav Janeway "look" at 7min21sec... I love how quickly "it" shuts the EMH down! Death glare, setting 5 out of 10.

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