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Re: Bored Sheriff's Office or a Modern Day Pablo Escobar?

The thing i find amazing about all of this is if they had enough evidence to arrest him on warrant for drug trafficking, why in the hell did that warrant not come with a power of entry? Warrants come from courts, courts offer lots of addendums on that piece of paper if you can supply them with relevant intelligence and evidence.

No doubt our laws are significantly different than the US laws, but if you can convince a judge/magistrate over here that a person needs arresting enough to get a warrant, then you automatically request a Power of Entry to the warrant too.

Dealers and traffickers in the UK are given no time to react to an arrest enquiry over here (fear of arming, flushing evidence etc). Either we would have performed a rapid entry (enforcers, shields, dogs, firearms units all dependant on the risk assessment) to surprise them... or just gone and got the key and opened the door softly softly.

None of this knocking on the door shit for an hour. Guy coulda SMOKED all of his cannabis in that time

Sounds more like an episode of Reno 911 than real life.

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