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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Then again, showing something that clearly makes no sense, and then refusing to explain it in any way, can't fault people for trying to come up with wacky theories to explain it.

Pretty obvious that Rick wasn't in his coma for just a day or two. Honestly, it looks like it would have taken more than a month for things to get as bad as they did when he woke up. Wasn't just an initial outbreak scenario, things had disintegrated into a pretty set-in zombie apocolypse by the time he woke up.

Not that it really matters, because he wouldn't have lasted a week without the support equipment, IV fluids, etc. "He was just lucky" is equally stupid. Because the writers didn't bother to explain the magic scenario, the viewers are trying...
Exactly. I've never read the comics, so I only have the show to go on. Based on that, there either is something funky going on with Rick's coma and recovery or it's the biggest plot hole the show has had by far. When Rick woke up, civilization was completely collapsed. He was weak, but not totally wasted away. He didn't seem to be overly starving or crippled with dehydration. It's a natural assumption to think that whatever caused the zombie plague saved his life.

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Exactly which is why viewers are equally as confused on the passage of time in the prison. Is Rick still going insane after a week - 2 weeks in the prison - how long?
I believe somebody mentioned in the last episode that the baby is two weeks old.
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