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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Well, there's likely not going to be an in-show explanation since there's no CDC left. Why not a mutation that heals tissue (albeit slowly) instead of killing tissue? Maybe not a mutation in the virus, but a mutation in Rick?
Yeah, I know we're not going down the 'working on the cure' storyline, and I'm ok with that. Wouldn't mind a little more backstory at some point though, some flashbacks to the outbreak, what was happening, can have the news speculating as to cause, etc. I'm fine with it being permanent, just curious as to the details.

As for the rest, kinda my point. Since we know nothing about this, and Rick's survival in the hospital makes no sense by itself, there's no harm in speculating as long as it's not completely off the wall. It's non-explained, made-up science, so why can't there be an exception? Calling anyone that questions it stupid is, well, stupid.

I can see Lori being with Shane pretty quick.
- Wasn't it implied that she and Rick had been having problems before this all went down?
- She knows Shane; Shane wants her...badly, for various reasons.
- If you think you're going to die soon, consequences don't seem to matter the same way.
- Shane was good with Carl and would protect him.
- Lori is one of those women who needs a man; she's pretty wishy-washy at times and needs an external anchor. Instead of getting stronger (like Carol, who isn't that sure herself, per the last episode), Lori weakened.
Sure, makes a bit of sense. World was going to hell, all gonna die, why not?

Also, I haven't watched the pilot in a while, but is there any definitive statement about passage of time between Rick being shot and Rick waking up? As long as you can believe that it took a couple months before things got bad enough to be widespread and society to collapse, no reason Rick couldn't have been in the coma for a couple months prior to the hospital losing power and falling. Gives Lori more time to head towards Shane, lets the zombie thing start small and eventually avalanche, etc.

Makes about as much sense as anything, and that way the story can progress for a couple months, and Rick still only has to survive a human amout of time in the hospital without life support. Plus the slow burn gives the world time to go to hell, massive population die-off, zombies to rot a bit, and the few survivors to gain some small zombie experience before Rick wakes up.

Just idle speculation, though, and can't remember if they definitively say how long passes between being shot and waking up....
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