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Re: Why do so many people rag on "Dear doctor"

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It's as much of a figure of speech as "natural selection".

yes, but you were using it to justify an ethical stance, so admitting that nature DOESN'T choose invalidates your argument.
Where was I doing that?
What Phlox is essentially doing is passing the buck.

"We shouldn't choose because we might choose wrong."

Which is just terrible. Allowing billions to die on what might happen in a thousand years. Plus it completely dismisses the Menk as a factor, they've grown fat and happy living with the Valakians. And they may find themselves in a world of hurt when Valakian society crumbles.

No one checked with the Earth government on how to proceed, no one asked the Menk how they felt about the Valakians dying out.

Archer and Phlox alone choose for this world.

What a clusterfuck...
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