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As for my reading, I just started a book called The Floating Admiral...written by a whole bunch of authors! Back in the Golden Age of detective fiction, circa 1930s, many of the best-selling writers of the day (including Agatha Christie and Dorothy L. Sayers) were part of an informal group called The Detection Club. And one day someone got the crazy idea to write a collaborative novel. Each writer produced a chapter, handed it on to the next writer, and so on. The solution was not foreseen at the outset, so the last person had to tie everything together. In addition, each contributor handed in their own solution in a sealed envelope to be printed at the back of the book. It sounds like a giant mess...but really it was just a game they played with themselves for their own amusement. And it couldn't have been that bad because they did it a couple more times.
I haven't read that one, but I do have and have read the next one, Ask a Policeman. In that one, there's a mystery at the outset, and the writers then swap detectives so Anthony Berkley writers a Lord Peter Wimsey story, Helen Simpson writes a Mrs. Bradley story, etc., that solves the mystery. It's a fun book.
After finishing The Floating Admiral, I'm game to pick up that one some time. Unfortunately the only one of the detectives I'm really familiar with is Lord Peter Wimsey, which might make the book less enjoyable. Or does it?


Meanwhile, everyone can see what I'm reading now from my avatar and signature.
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