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Re: Indiana Jones and the Magic Fridge

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I loved the fridge scene, it was fun and I never understood the complaints about it when there are other similar far fetched things in the entire series. A Knight that has lived for several hundred years, the spirit of God from the first movie and so many other implausible things that never bothered me.

I love movies that features aliens and the Indy franchise had dealt with so many other things that it felt natural to me. I loved the most recent movie and did not have a problem with it.
I love aliens too, but ultimately I just think they're way too "scifi" for an Indiana Jones movie.

Ancient spirits and immortal knights might be equally ridiculous, but at least they're a lot more consistent with the world of religious artifacts and archaeological ruins Indy was a part of.

Of course it didn't help that the surrounding movie was such a silly, ridiculous farce. Maybe if it had treated the material with the kind of seriousness Raiders had, the alien thing would have worked after all. But it was just hard to take anything in that movie seriously.
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