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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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When most of the show hinges on ONE hand-waving bit of magic, tough to state anything else with certainty. Just as easy to say that it's just the DEAD ones that don't heal, and if you had this OTHER magical strain / partial immunity, it works differently.

Since we don't know much about it one way or the other, the subject doesn't exist in real life to make statements about, and we've been shown things that don't quite add up, hard to definitively say right or wrong. Except to the REALLY stupid guesses, of course

I mean, what's YOUR definitive statement based on? Where's your source on how, uh, 'smart zombies' behave?

Not saying it's a thing, just that since they've carefully avoiding addressing the subject, hard to know for sure how things really work in this world.

Well, there's likely not going to be an in-show explanation since there's no CDC left. Why not a mutation that heals tissue (albeit slowly) instead of killing tissue? Maybe not a mutation in the virus, but a mutation in Rick?

I can see Lori being with Shane pretty quick.
- Wasn't it implied that she and Rick had been having problems before this all went down?
- She knows Shane; Shane wants her...badly, for various reasons.
- If you think you're going to die soon, consequences don't seem to matter the same way.
- Shane was good with Carl and would protect him.
- Lori is one of those women who needs a man; she's pretty wishy-washy at times and needs an external anchor. Instead of getting stronger (like Carol, who isn't that sure herself, per the last episode), Lori weakened.
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