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Re: A Good Day to Die Hard (aka DH5): Grade, Review, Discuss---SPOILER

Grade: B-

I went to the marathon, we had about 50 people at it.

It's not as bad as the reviews suggest AT ALL but at this point people have their own ideas and will pile on cause it seems the "cool thing" to do.

Still objectively I can agree that reviews calling the villain the worst of the series is fair. You just don't "love to hate" him. He's pretty generic and two dimensional. You love to hate the Grubers(1&3), same for Gabriel in pt.4. Taking it out of franchise you love to be able to connect with some villains like Magneto or Loki and a solid villain means it contends for an "A" grade. So imo, a B+ was the best it could attain with the villain choice and backstory.
I blame a lack of unified vision when I get moments in a trailer but not the film itself. Marketing and Editing need to be in synch.

I've not read but a few of the horrid reviews but this film has an actual twist in it the other series don't have.
The action is great and during the second act father and son start to form a bond where it was clear from the first act resentment was firmly entrenched. The Lucy moments were nice.

It's the first to break the "non-rule" that McClane is thrust into the role of being the hero. To what degree that's broken could be debatable.

Still, this is a fun action filled movie with plenty of cool sequences that are worth seeing on the big screen. Even as the "worst" DH film it's a low B score and better than so much else. Deeming it "unwatchable" is pure hyperbole(which I've seen other places).

Apparently it made about $900K for midnights.
20th Century Fox reports that A Good Day To Die Hard is off to a great start at the box office. The action flick raked in $840,000 from 2,838 locations at midnight for a $361 location average.
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