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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

B.J. wrote: View Post
The lighting reflections and all make Superman's "belt buckle" look like a heart in this picture!
Heh, these are some seriously shiny figures. The picture I posted was about the only one I was able to take where the Flash didn't look like a glowing red blur.

cooleddie74 wrote: View Post
Is that a Funko Green Lantern behind the new Superman figure?
It is indeed. I was given it as a gift for Christmas, last year.

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
OdoWan are those from the Justice League line? That I've been talking about in the thread? I think they are, because the DC Unlimited versions are slightly different. The New 52 Superman looks like the one I finally got a couple weeks ago.
No, the Justice League line is done by DC Collectibles. These are the DC Unlimited figures by Mattel. They have much better articulation than DCC's stuff. I would guess that the figures look similar due to them both being based on the same art style, namely Jim Lee's on Justice League.
cooleddie74 wrote: View Post
Looks like Superman got mad and smashed some potato chips.
I am not that much of a slob. My desk is old and crappy, and that's just where some of the finish is coming off, exposing the wood underneath.
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