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Re: William Shatner Calls J.J. Abrams "a Pig" for Hogging Both Star Tr

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Don't be silly...
I wasn't. should go watch or rewatch some Star Trek episodes...
No, I don't have to do that. I've seen them all already and know what's in them.

The first Movie is not really Star Trek like and the second isn't measuring up to be either.
That's your opinion, which I beg to differ. Star Trek '09 was pure Star Trek, bringing back the original characters and all the fun of TOS, but with a new cast and an incredibly larger budget.

I them them to explore strange new places, seek out new life and new civilizations and boldly go where no man has gone before. This one takes place on Earth where they have to stop a dangerous new enemy that threats to destroy the... Ect Ect.
You, like the rest of us, have no clue what this movie is about. Maybe you should wait and actually watch the film in May before passing judgment on it.
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