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Re: Earth based Trek show

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I simply want a show about big heroes encountering weird shit and for it to be fun.

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...the Federation has such a rich and complex history and foundation, there's so much interesting things worth exploring there. You're not tying yourself down at all.
No, it doesn't, and there isn't. The so-called "Star Trek universe" is conceptually shallow regarding politics, economics, culture and history. There is more real variety of thought, behavior and experience within four blocks of my front door than in the entire half-century of storytelling that comprises Trek.

What was brilliant about the original series was letting the audience identify with human beings who by necessity represented a fairly narrow slice of humanity - a group of young military officers, far from home, bound by traditions of service and rank that were familiar to the viewer - and keep most of humanity and the universe off-stage. The creatures and situations they encountered came across as appropriately strange by contrast, and the viewer got to fill in the missing details of that world and era through the use of their own imaginations.

Virtually every attempt by writers and producers to fill in those gaps over the decades has resulted in debate and disagreement among fans.

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