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Re: Earth based Trek show

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I just see it the other way, the Federation has such a rich and complex history and foundation, there's so much interesting things worth exploring there. You're not tying yourself down at all.

As far as not personally being interested, if it's not your thing fine, but if people want to write something off because it's not what they were expecting (i.e., i'd be interested in this concept if it didn't have the words Star Trek in front of it) that's just sad because who knows what you're missing out on. Say what you want about where DS9 fits into the bigger ST picture, but it was a good show and at times a great show. People who skipped it simply because it was different than what had come before missed out on some great stuff. It would have been really sad if the show had never been made because someone said this isn't what we expect from Star Trek
Deep Space Nine pushed the boundary then had to be reigned back in because of falling ratings, the reasons we got Worf, the Defiant and the Dominion War.

The reasons behind a Earth-based show not working are pretty obvious. We know everybody. We know the Romulans, we know the Klingons, we know the Cardassians, we know the Vulcans, we know the Breen and so on and so on. For an Earth based show this knowledge would be poison, there'd be little in the way of learning new cultures. You place a show in a new universe and everything is on the table as far as what you can do. That's why a new show with this concept would interest someone like me vs. just making it another Trek spin-off.

Star Trek is an incredible format for storytelling but it is fifty-years old and I've been a fan since 1975. So I'm more than content to allow Trek to thrive on the big screen and let a fresh face with a clean slate attempt to woo me on the small screen.

As in all things, your mileage may vary.
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