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Re: TOS movie era Novels?

I was wondering about something else. During the time that most of the TMP/ TWOK novels came out, so did the DC Comics TOS movie era comics. There are only two novels published at the time that happened between TWOK/ TUC. On the other hand DC only printed 1 comic that takes place between TMP/ TWOK. Was this intentional by both parties as a sign of respect towards the timeframes each was covering? Was this an attempt to coordinate between the two companies in some way to form a singular continuity? Or was this just a coincidence?

Also, I know DC Comics Volume 1 was hard to reconcile with the continuity eventually established in the movies as they came out, but the stories were fun. However, Volume 2 seemed to fit very well as a good linear series for the TFF/ TUC Missions. So my next question is how well do DC Comics Volume 2 and MoviE Era novels coincide. Are there any major continuity problems that prevent them from coexisting in one timeline?

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