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Re: Spielberg, Hanks and HBO's grudge against the Navy persists...

Mark_Nguyen wrote: View Post
Nah, Aces yes, WWI no. Anyone see "Flyboys"? Could be a while before anyone tries that again. There was a biopic (oddly, a German film shot in English) about Richthofen's story a couple years back; similarly maudlin IMO.
Yeah, I've seen Flyboys. Good, but not great movie, which mostly suffers from the direction. Still fun for what it is, though. Haven't seen the Red Baron movie as it hasn't been available to me, so can't comment on that.

But in general, there are so many stories to be explored in that setting, and you don't even have to use the trenches and leave them out. Flight was very much in its infancy, which presented problems of their own as many of them were very unreliable. But, that's part of what I find interesting about it.

Seen the Air Aces show, which has some pretty remarkable stories, for sure. Last one I saw was about the pilot who was about to go home to get married, only deciding to go on one last mission before departing, and crashing not because of something the Germans did, but because his propeller hit the ground from flying too closely. Damn Would love to see WWI get a similar treatment.

Anwar wrote: View Post
WWI is harder to do in an acceptable way because it wasn't a clear-cut "Good guys vs Evil Bastards" thing like WWII was, WWI was the result of numerous foreign policies (outdated ones) and random political events that blew up in everyone's faces. And there was no real "Happy Ending" for anyone given the widespread death and economic catastrophe that came afterwards.

It did shape the world though, it was the end of the Great Empires as we knew them. But folks forget most of that for the effect WWII had on the rest of the Century.

The main reason we don't see many documentaries on WWI is because there isn't much surviving usable footage from it left to use.
Perhaps you're right, and perhaps that's the main reason there hasn't been more done on the subject, but regarding the random politics, part of it is why I find it so fascinating. The reasons for why it happened in the first place and what lead up to the war are interesting to me. And by the end of it, President Wilson had this idea in his head that there should be an alliance of countries to prevent this kind of thing from happening, which eventually came to be known as the UN.

I recently read Ken Follett's Fall of Giants, and it was excellent, so I'd like to see something of that scope, even though that didn't feature any of the flying at all, but I realize it likely will never happen. Closest would be to have an adaptation of the novel, but I've been leary of Ridley Scott and his production company ever since the World Without End miniseries and would rather they didn't touch it.
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