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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Who is EarthGov going to copy next, Caligula?
I can absolutely, 100% guarantee that at no point will anyone in the Earth Alliance emulate Caligula.
If they would just say a line of dialog like "A protest happened in the earth capital today, arguing against the president's new anti-sedition acts", I could atleast accept that this isn't a fairly unbelievable power grab.
There's a very good reason why there's hasn't been a line of dialogue like that. Keep watching.

I don't care about historical parallels or humans always remaking mistakes, anyone with half a brain knows this is isn't right. There is no way people would stand for it. Yes, humans remake mistakes, even big ones, sometimes. But, we do grow a bit. You don't see countries relegalising slavery.
Do you think people in the USSR or Nazi Germany didn't speak out against just this sort of thing? Most were either publicly ridiculed or quietly "disappeared". Most people having witnessed this a few times learned to stay quiet, keep their heads down and perhaps inform on a neighbour or two to assuage suspicion. Just in case. The average person just tries to get by from day to day. We did after all evolve from socially hierarchical primates. By and large, most people will intellectually go along with the crowd and the crowd (being a big dumb animal) will often follow wherever the alpha leads. You need a *lot* of independently minded people working together to derail that kind of social inertia.

...and as for do know it still exists, yes? And not just in the criminal human trafficking sense. Indeed I'm pretty sure in a few countries it's very much still legal. I could be wrong, but I think Sudan might be one of them.

EarthGov hasn't quite crossed the line from believeable to totally stupid, but its getting really close. The political officer herself is like if political BS became sentient and took human form.
That's basically what a political officer is. Remember that people like that were still operating in Russia up until only 20 years ago and I'm pretty sure the Chinese still have them today in some capacity. We're not talking historical precedent here, this is just a fact.

Keep in mind that by this point you've already seen that Clark isn't a one man show. He has a whole support structure within EarthGov before he was even President...and now we know he had a little help getting there from a certain someone and his "associates." Having a least some of Psi Corps in his pocket helps too. There's a lot you can get away with when you have a group of people running around who can transmit information at a glance with no trace, no record. Can alter, erase or create memories--to say nothing of whole fake personalities--from scratch.

Also remember, that for most people, day-to-day life will be largely unaffected, especially when change like this happens gradually.
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