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Re: Shatner calls Abrams "A Pig."

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I don't know which forum is most appropriate for this. Since it's Abrams related, I'll post it here and let the moderators determine its suitability:

It seems Shatner's pissed at Abrams over taking Star Wars, feeling that controlling the two biggest sci-fi franchises is going "too far" and that Abrams is "being a pig."

Shatner also feels put out that despite controlling two franchises, Abrams still can't get a role for him. Hell, it's not too late, I say give Shatner a role in Star Wars VII. Shatner in Star Wars, the very concept is awesome.

But really, it is gratifying to see someone whose opinion matters expressing displeasure with Abrams. Personally, the fact that he now controls Star Wars doesn't bother me any, but I know it has generated some heated debate here, and now Shatner himself has spoken against it.

So, what are everyone's thoughts on the matter?
Shatner's opinion doesnt really matter.
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