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Re: Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

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All the cadets stood and watched as the assignments were handed out. The film is fairly clear on the circumstances, so your supposition isn't really borne out by what we saw on screen.
I don't follow your argument. It seemed to me the ships probably had perhaps half or more of their crew members already assigned, at least the Enterprise appeared to. The cadets seemed like fill ins. Therefore how could any cadet know if their skills were in demand on any particular ship?

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Spock was wrong. That's the only reasonable take-away from the scene in question. Uhura worked hard to get a posting on the Enterprise and didn't meekly accept a lesser posting when she knew that she deserved better. That's not a 'hissy-fit,' that's simply being assertive.
Even if Spock was wrong (and it apeared to me his concerns were well founded), Uhura wasn't to know that. Her sense of entitlement only works if there is some school yard type linear relationship between how good you are as a cadet (don't forget) and the quality of the ship you "should" be assigned to. Also: "Temporary assignment". Ie. not the end of the world. Let me rephrase that ... .
These are good points. Uhura's concern may have been that she could not show Pike how good she was in the hope of a permanent posting on board his ship.

It may be that the incorrect response was Spock's. He should have said, 'I wanted to avoid the appearance of favouritism but this is only a temporary assignment and rest assured, when we return, Captain Pike [or whoever] will be asked to make a decision on a more permanent posting based on your merits.'

As an aside, it seems very unlikely that captains or their first officers choose their own crew, although it would be possible for them to request that a particular crewman be assigned to their ship. At most, Uhura was hoping to show Pike her worth so that he might request her I suppose. Seems flimsy and indulgent. Overall, the scene was very simplistic and childish in its approach. It doesn't paint Spock, Uhura, or Starfleet in a particularly favourable light.
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