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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Voices of Authority - This was a decent episode, with a few annoyances. The overly dramatic Draal is back. He's not a bad character, he can just be a bit annoying sometimes. The earthGov stuff is getting closer and closer to jumping the shark. A political officer? Like the USSR had? Who is EarthGov going to copy next, Caligula? Are the people of earth such sheap that they literally take this without any comment? Are Sheridan, Ivanova, Franklin and Garibaldi the only humans who aren't morons? Also, Zach Allen becoming a regular isn't really something I care about. I kind of like that he's a human thats not in the secret group who atleast has second thoughts, but in the end he always does the obviously evil stuff anyway. Like every other B5 officer not in the group, he's not loyal to sheridan at all and he barely thinks about the fact that the government has to be breaking a lot of laws at this point (but, since he actually does think, he's still better than 95% of humans in the B5 universe). If they would just say a line of dialog like "A protest happened in the earth capital today, arguing against the president's new anti-sedition acts", I could atleast accept that this isn't a fairly unbelievable power grab. I don't care about historical parallels or humans always remaking mistakes, anyone with half a brain knows this is isn't right. There is no way people would stand for it. Yes, humans remake mistakes, even big ones, sometimes. But, we do grow a bit. You don't see countries relegalising slavery. EarthGov hasn't quite crossed the line from believeable to totally stupid, but its getting really close. The political officer herself is like if political BS became sentient and took human form.

It was interesting to see Ivanova using the machine. The fact that the shadows could see her was a bit weird. The evidence that the former VP knew about the assasination of the last president was expected, but I'm glad it was finally confirmed. I liked the scene where Ivanova appeared in Sheridan's room as the walking pile of BS was trying to seduce him

Ivanova: It looks like you're about to go where everyone has gone before

I see they added a seat to the bridge of the White Star. It was weird to see Ivanova vs. the disco ships, piloted by big floating heads. The big heads were pretty easily manipulated, which was funny. I guess they now have a powerful ally. The shadows are no match for the power of disco Overall, this was a decent episode with some good moments, and some political stuff that didn't ruin the episode but was annoying. I'm still really liking B5, but the political stuff is starting to drag it down because its reaching levels of unbelievability. Its not even so much what they're doing, its the fact that it keeps going and going. I'm getting tired of seeing a few more blantantly evil policies added per episode. I hope that the political plot starts paying off in more interesting ways soon.
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