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Re: Futureproofing (for viewing) the next Trek TV series

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I dont see 4k happening, and 4k tv may never become [practical even though it's technically possible (and the equipment exists to show it). I would think futureproffing would amount to a consistent and backed up cgi library as well as it being filmed in 2k.
RAMA let's look a little into the future rather than just the next couple of years. CBS will want to be able to sell the next Trek TV series for years to come. By futureproofing it with the future trends in technology.
news in January 2013:
The Japanese government plans to launch commercial broadcasting in 4K resolution in mid-2014 and start test broadcasting in 8K resolution sometimes in 2016.
Japan's ministry of internal affairs and communications plans to establish the first broadcasting in 4K UHD resolution by the middle of the world’s football cup 2014. Those who are fond of soccer and own 4K UHDTVs will be able to enjoy the game in ultra-detailed and pristine quality. The government has specifically brought 4K broadcasting forward by around two years. The service will begin from communications satellites, followed by satellite broadcasting and ground digital broadcasting,
Eutelsat Communications earlier in January announced it is launching a dedicated demonstration ultra HD channel for Europe on the Eutelsat 10A satellite. The first transmissions of content filmed in 4K have started earlier this month.
January 2013...
The new channel will operate in progressive mode at 50fps. It will be encoded in MPEG-4 and transmitted at 40Mb/s in four quad HD streams. Eutelsat is partnering with Ateme, a video compression solution provider to the broadcast industry, for the transmissions that will be uplinked to the Eutelsat 10A satellite from its teleport in Rambouillet, near Paris.
Japanese Government to Launch 4K UHDTV Broadcasting in 2014.
For Japanese viewers, that future could start in July 2014 according to the Asahi newspaper, in time for the final match of the 2014 football World Cup which is set to take place in Brazil.
According to Futuresource Consulting, Broadcasters and Pay TV operators are already trialling the technology due to the need to continue innovation and maintain competitiveness. TV Globo in Brazil are very proactive in evaluating 4K thanks to the 2016 Olympics and Futuresource Consulting quoted DirecTV, Sky, Comcast, Canal + and SES Astra as all looking at the technology. In fact, a few operators are expected to launch 4K channels in 2014.
I can see 4k broadcasts in digital cinemas in North America of the 2014 world cup soccer. Soccer fans will pay $ for this. A daily ticket or perhaps a ticket for the week to see it in 4k.

Actually rather an interesting mention as other than Netflix, Amazon Instant Streaming, and Hulu Plus trying 4K by 2015 I can see DirectTV or Dish Satellite in North American having 4K broadcasts. If they make a deal with CBS for content we may see the next Trek series broadcast in 4k in 2017 via satellite dish subscription under a premium 4k channel subscription. I don't see cable TV moving to 4k anytime in the next 5 years but satellite TV maybe in North America.

For Trek since medium and high level feature films are being mastered in 4k already now I would think in 4-5 years that a Trek TV series would be shot and mastered in 4k looking down the road.
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