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Re: 22nd Romulan Cloaking

And it's a myth that canon pre-Enterprise was all that consistent. TOS had a lot of inconsistencies, since they were making up the world as they went. Was it James R. Kirk or James T. Kirk? Was it one of Spock's ancestors who married a human or his father? Was the Enterprise an Earth ship or a Federation ship? TWOK contains some major continuity conflicts with "Space Seed" and the rest of TOS -- Khan recognizing Chekov, his followers being uniformly Nordic rather than multiethnic, Kirk having "never faced death" despite having lost Gary, Sam, Edith, Miramanee, etc. TNG also had plenty of contradictions, like Data using contractions constantly until it was suddenly asserted he couldn't, or "The Wounded" revealing that the Federation had been at war with the Cardassians during the first two seasons of the show even though those seasons depicted a peacetime Starfleet whose primary missions were science and diplomacy. All of Trek canon is a patchwork of clashing ideas that we only pretend are consistent with each other. ENT did no worse a job staying consistent with the previous series than they did staying consistent within themselves.
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