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Re: My "Just Saw Insurrection For the First Time" Review.

MacLeod wrote: View Post
The issue is that Starfleets actions are in clear violation of the Prime Directive.
Except Starfleet actions were not a clear violation.

Assumed pre-warp culture = stay clear
Only Picard assumed the Baku were pre-warp. The Council knew they weren't. The Admiral knew they weren't. The Sona (obviously) l knew they weren't.

Internal affair of another culture = stay clear
Okay, remove the Baku to another planet, harvest the rings, and let the Baku and Sona have their little family tiff.

Most governments won't come in the middle of the night, bundle you into a transport and dump you in a new place.
I've seen (on the news) the police remove homeless from condemned builds that were to be destroyed. This was done for the safety of the homeless. Similarly, people in the path of a of a wild driven forest fire (we get a fair number of them) be force by public safety decrees to evacuate their homes, again for their safety.

At what number does it becmoe wrong to move people who have evloved/settled there, 1000, 10 000, 100 000 a million?
If they are originally from the world, this is very different that if they simply migrated there.

When does it become wrong to not remove a group of migrants who would be harmed if they remained where they were?

When does it become wrong to not provide a important health resource to hundreds of billions of your people, in orbit of one of your planets, just because a group of 600 are living in a single valley on you planet?

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