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Re: 3-D Anniversary Special

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So dumb. I saw The Hobbit in 3D (had free passes) and it was very distracting, and made things look flat. Why won't this fad die?
In addition to the fact that people are paying to see movies in 3D (therefore legitimizing its existence) 3D also makes bootlegging damn near impossible. You smuggle a camcorder into a theatre to record a 3D movie, it's going to end up looking like a mess.

If you don't like 3D all you can do is go see the 2D option of movies, provided your theatre has one. It's what I do. And when the theatre doesn't, I go to a different one that does.
A lot don't depending on the area. You have no choice but to pay more for an effect you didn't want.
"It's not that you can see the strings, it's that 40 years later you're still looking at them." - Steven Moffat
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