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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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Would pretty much anything RDJ did in Avengers be even half as entertaining with we hadn't already seen his version of Tony Stark and new his personality?
Of course not. But, then The Avenger was written as a CONTINUATION, not as a beginning.

RDJ was pretty entertaining in his first movie. That didn't require previous knowledge of the character.

If DC goes with the Justice League first, it will be written as an introduction to the characters, with a new audience in mind, not one with 50 years of comic history stuck in their head.

Would casual movie-goers now who Iron Man is, what he can do, his past, why he has this suit, etc.? Who Thor is, what he can do and his relationship with Loki? Who Captain America is and how he's displaced out of time by 70 years?
No. But, then, those issues were taken care of in the previous movies. But, if the Avengers was the first movie, those things... called exposition, would be made clear in the movie itself.

You do realize filmmakers actually think about these things, right? That they take into consideration what people need to know in order to follow the story?

Without their own origin movies the Avengers either would have had to spend a lot of time setting these people up -which it obviously couldn't do as well as individual movies- or just assume the audience knows who they are, what they can do and just go with it.
I would argue they STILL spent a lot of time setting these people up... a good chunk of the movie is getting the team together... introducing everyone. I would argue you didn't need to watch the previous movies to understand what was happening. My wife only saw the first Iron Man movie, she didn't see Thor or Hulk or Captain America--she was able to follow The Avengers just fine. And enjoy it.
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