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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Strange Bedfellows (****)

This episode is an interesting one as both the a and b plots of the episode are centred on secondary characters. The main plot, and certainly the most enjoyable, is Damar's realisation that Cardassia means nothing to the Dominion, the Cardassian people are just pawns being sacrificed for the good of the Founders. With the inclusion of the Breen into the Dominion, Damar can no longer ignore that he has become a collaborator in a regime that is exploiting his people and he finally decides to take action. The way that this has been bubbling away under the surface for the last few seasons is quite impressive, and it makes the way events spill over in this episode extremely satisfying. First, there's the scene where Worf snaps Weyoun-7's neck and Damar can't help but laugh, then there's the scene where Damar remembers Worf snapping Weyoun-7's neck and can't help but laugh, then there's the scene where Weyoun-8 fears that Dead Fish will snap his neck and Damar can't help but laugh. Funny stuff.

On the station, Kai Winn is screwing Dukat, which raises all sorts of interesting questions. The most pressing being whether Dukat had a full-body conversion into a Bajoran, because that would be dedication right there. This plot works quite well for the most part. Once Winn realises she has been duped by the Pah-wraiths there's a refreshing sequence where she actually comes across quite sympathetic, which is a side of her character I quite like seeing. But it all comes crashing down in a wonderful scene with Kira where Winn reveals that she just isn't willing to make the sacrifices that sometimes go along with being a moral person. As a result, Winn refuses to resign her position as Kai, thus officially marking her as more evil than Pope Rapenazinger. Sadly, the final scene is completely devoid of all the nuance the episode had shown in her character, but I suppose it's not completely out of place with what we saw of Winn in the early seasons.

I guess there's a c plot centring on Ezri and Worf in their cell and the various arguments they have. By the end of the episode, they realise that the clothed jungle sex they enjoyed was a mistake made by two fallible people in a complicated emotional situation. Boy, I wish they had figured that out before they boinked.
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