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Re: The 11-foot TOS Enterprise model-

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Then again, I think some people might not like having the "Gray Lady" partially obscured by a some sort of frame.
A 3 dimensional representation of the Tholian web might be an option.

Update on the paint job issue:
I compared my personal pictures from the NASM taken in 1976 or 1980 with the (majority of the ones) taken after the second Smithsonian restoration effort, film grain resolution is not great but that much I could tell:
  • the entire saucer hull was still lit (including the saucer domes), i.e. you had illuminated saucer windows!
  • the neck still had the original two colors (bow part of neck different painting with more specularity)
  • the bottom of the forward starboard nacelle still had this unique, darker shape (already then, the extra two rectangles below the forward cap had gone missing)
Apparently, during the second Smithsonian restoration the entire neck was repainted. As for the bottom of the starboard nacelle it's difficult to say. The area still looks darker but the unique "shape" has gone (possibly a result of wrong cleaning?).

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