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Re: VOY Caption Contest 102, couples never meant to be; Janeway/Chakot

Janeway: Wait a minute - the Ready Room was already christened before we met. You tricked me!

Chakotay: "Admiral Braxton and Ensign Hansen." That slag!

Technically it's not a sin to flirt with a hologram, but it is a sin to lead him on for free prescription meds.

Chakotay: Technically it's not a sauna, it's a sweat lodge. And being naked isn't mandatory - it's just conducive to male bonding.

Tuvok: And the cameras?

Chakotay: Ok that part is gay.

Chakotay: I'm only going to ask you once more: Have you seen my Twinkie stash?

Janeway: Maybe they were lost in transport.

Janeway: Computer, name a random crewman.
- Ensign Harry Kim.
Random ship location.
- Jeffries tube 18.

Random menial task.
- Rethreading plasma taps.

Harry, report to Jeffries tube 18 to rethread the plasma taps.
I'm standing right here, Captain.
Janeway: Good for you. Chop chop.

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