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Re: Shatner calls Abrams "A Pig."

You know, I bet a fair number of celebrities get a kick out of the way he answers some questions. They always get these stupid, softball, "How do you feel about...?" types of questions that they just brush off with platitudes that may or may not even be sincere. Not Shatner. Which answer below is more entertaining?

Interviewer: Mr. Shatner, how do you feel about J.J. Abrams getting to direct the new "Star Wars" movie?
Shatner [Answer I]: I think he'll do a fantastic job. He did a great job putting energy back into "Star Trek". He's a great director with a big vision. Being such a big "Star Wars" fan, he's got to feel like the luckiest guy in Hollywood, right now. I'm very happy for him."
Shatner [Answer II]: It's a power grab. The guy's becoming piggish. He has some success with "Star Trek", and now he goes after "Star Wars". You know what I think? He's always been big "Star Wars" fan. I think he just used "Star Trek" as a vehicle to audition for "Star Wars". What's next for him? The Avengers?

Which answer gets Shatner quoted in more trade magazines? The Shat knows publicity. He knows it's too absurd to be taken as true. He knows it's better than the stock answer. Hell, it's fun.
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