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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

The Amazing Spider-Man covers form the 90s weren't so bad, but the insides, dear god... And still, despite that criticism, he was one of the best artists at work back then.

Doctor Susan Richards?

When did Susan get a Doctorate, and in what did she get that Doctorate?

Also they have seriously aged Susan from how John Byrne drew their first encounter in the 80s.

Sue was 11 or 12 and annoying. Jumping up and down dictating to the 19 year old grd student renting the spare room that she was going to marry him some day... This is a radical change in their dynamic that Reed is no longer almost a decade older than Sue... Which also makes Ben and Victor 10 years younger since they all went to school together.

Seriously, it's probably a doctorate in 19th century Poetry or Women's studies... Not that there's anything wrong with that... And if they're always fighting such an asshat who insists that they acknowledge his higher education while he's trying to destroy them, why can't Victor even sometimes call her Doctor Invisible Woman?

Sleep learning?

Virtual Learning?

This might not be the first time they've used conflicting rates of time to their own advantage...

An Honorary Degree?

Reed wasn't in the position to be patronizing if he didn't believe there was merit or value to her degree but we should have noticed her spending another 4 to 7 at school getting a PHD in something or even an MD?

Oh god.

He doesn't call her Doctor, because she's the Love Doctor?

But I digress...


"What must it be like to be a Queen?"

She's almost married Doom and Namor half a dozen times, and I've seen Blackbolt looking at her bum... Do you think Blackbolt and Medusa are Swingers? But Susan was an Inhuman Queen in the recent storyline last year when the other Inhumans from space turned up... She was simultaneously the queen to 6 different inhuman empires.

Being a Bride of Set made her a Goddess not a Queen right?

10 years ago when the Fantastic Four (Mark Waid?) knocked over the despot running Latervia who wasn't Victor Von Doom... What title did she get out of all that hoohaw? Countess? Princess? Queen? Deputy Prime Minister? First lady?

Although I'm still reeling over this Doctor Thing?
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